I am a steward of stories. Whether in words or photographs, I live for the unguarded, real moments that shows me what is, that ground me in the joy and beauty of the present. Words—particularly those pecked out onto my 1930s Royal Aristocrat typewriter—are cathartic. This is the way I see my world and the people, places, and things in it. Plus, it was the one thing I was always really good at and never failed. Math? Forget about it. Art? I have angst…as an artist does. But words? They are my constant. 

I joke that journalism gives me the excuse to ask as many questions as I want without getting in trouble. I’m a two on the enneagram, but some days, my insatiable thirst to know makes me wonder if I'm actually a five. As a journalist and freelance digital + print content writer, I’m on the search for the next story—notebook filled with questions, trusty fountain pen in my pocket, and a fresh typewriter ribbon wound tight. But don’t worry, I still use a computer. 



As a lifestyle writer, my favorite beats are travel (I spent a year and a half in Paris), small business (because I’m a small biz owner), art, and food. In particular, I am drawn to the people, history, and/or personal connection to each subject. 

I also have experience writing for SEO and e-commerce, and do freelance content creation on the side. The clients are as eclectic as my interests; I’ve done work in the home improvement, pharmaceuticals, travel, and education sectors. 


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B.S. Journalism, Boston University
Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française, B2
19 months abroad in Paris, France

education, Etc.

I’ve said for a while (like all writers) that I want to write a book. Thanks to the generous birthday gift from a friend, I have started to peck out a manuscript on my typewriter, titled A Beautiful Country

In Mandarin, the word used to describe America translates to “beautiful country.” Through this collection of personal essays, I chronicle my effort to see my homeland as such, in the midst of a jarring reverse culture shock in the wake of repatriating from a place I dearly love: Paris. 

In the typewritten, typo-ridden pages, I explore my own identity, expectations, and longing for art, inspiration, and home. 

A collection of personal essays from Paris to Birmingham that explore America for what it is, as opposed to what I want it to be.

a typewritten manuscript-in-progress

a beautiful country

Editorial, SEO, E-commerce, and Lifestyle Content Writing
Presently at Southern Living. Previously: HiP Paris, Diablo Magazine. Currently freelancing in the education, pharmaceuticals, and home improvement industries.

Fluid in French and always looking for work opportunities that will take me there. Meanwhile, take a gander at some of my articles.

Square Spotting: Paris' Prettiest Squares for Summer
The Best French Recipe Websites For Cooking Your Way Through Lockdown
How to Get Around Paris During the Strikes


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Planning a trip is always fun. Whether we're a vacation do-er (hi, itinerary built down to the minute) or be-er (hello, lounging by the pool with a strawberry daiquiri), a holiday always means we can hang up our responsibilities for a while and have a little moment to ourselves.

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writing for SEO

While you may be tempted to drop your bags and dash to the beach, take a moment to explore all that Ventura has to offer. As a city, it’s inviting, artsy, and vibrant with a robust local scene—all in addition to being relaxing and beachy, of course.

Produced for Wanderlust Content Studios. Read more here (starting on page 18).  Photo: Isaac Taylor.

Ventura, ca neighborhood guide

If Brigitte Bardot found herself on this side of the Atlantic, we could bet you that there's a high probability we'd find her at Little Palm, the Saint-Tropez-inspired bar in Charleston's new Ryder Hotel, located in the Historic District.
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When I was in middle school, I religiously changed my nail polish color every week. Wild sparkles, ruby reds, cool blues, I. Did. It. All. Which means that I also spent a lot of time rubbing my nails with acetone to create that blank canvas…and it did not end well.
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beauty & travel writing


Travel. Small Business. Art. Food. Home. Anything with a compelling character driving the story or that I have a personal anecdote about is usually a fun one. I also like writing SEO and e-commerce pieces in these categories as well. 

That said, just because something’s not my “beat” doesn’t mean I won’t write about it. I’m curious by nature and a trained journalist so gosh darn it, I’ll find something interesting everywhere!  

what are your beats?

So far, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to do work in the travel, lifestyle, home improvement, pharmaceutical, and education sectors. 

I’m always open to work that allows me to learn something new. Better yet, I’m always looking for work that will take me to France. (Oui, je parle français.) 

what types of clients do you work with?

 Oh, yes I do. If you really want them, get in touch and I’ll send you a link. Not as pretty as this site, but it does the job. 

Do you have more writing samples?


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I am absolutely tickled that you think I might be a fit for your team or project. I’d love to hear more, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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